Meet Whitney Bull, our professionally trained jewelry repair person.  She can resize a ring for you (usually while you wait), set diamonds, solder rings together or repair a break in a ring.  She can often create a custom piece for you as pictured here on the left.  You can find Whitney in our Manchester store on Wednesdays, and Saturdays. She is in our Tullahoma store Monday, Tuesday and Friday.
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Retail Repair Price List

 Gold Ring Sizing
1 size up...$60-$120
2 sizes up...$75-135
3 Sizes up...$90-150
4 sizes up...$105-165


Silver Ring Sizing
1 size up...$50-74
2 sizes up...$58-82
3 sizes up...$66-90
4 sizes up...$74-98


Simple Repairs
Solder 2 rings together...$50
Ring Break...$25
Rhodium Plating...$35-45
with sizing $10 extra
Chain Repair...$25-35

Prong Work (Retipping)
2nd-11th prong...$17 each
12t-50th prong...$11 each

We'll be happy to clean and check your jewelry for necessary repairs for FREE

Any purchase over $500 gets 25% off resizing
Any purchase over $1000 gets free sizing!

Custom Diamond Pendant made for customer.
Custom Bezel around coin made for customer.
Click HERE for more examples of Whitney's work.