The Staff
KK Huddleston (owner)
KK opened the pawnshop in Manchester over 40 years ago.  He is retired from AEDC and is an Army veteran where he achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant.  KK is proud of his tenure as a small business owner as many don't make it to the 40 year mark!
Meet The Staff ::
Ken Huddleston (owner)

As the owner of a pawn shop for over 30 years, Ken wears many hats.  He has a genuine love for the music department at KK's and has played in many popular local bands including The Taylor Brothers, Bootleg and StaggerMoon.  Ken is also certified by the Gemological Institute Of America and is very knowledgeable about the jewelry side of the business. Ken is a Manchester native and past president of the Tennessee Pawnbrokers Association.

Manchester Staff
Juan Galindo
Juan is happy to help you with your pawn or a purchase.  He speaks Spanish too!
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Tullahoma Staff
Mike Smotherman
(Music Dept  Manager)
Mike also has a long history at KK's.  He is a drum player but is happy to help you with your shopping needs anywhere in the store.
Randel Cagle
While Randel can help you anywhere in the store, his passion is the guitar and he is right at home in the music department.
Danny Freeman
(PA Manager)
Danny has worked at KK's for over 20 years.  He has supervised hundreds of installations of church and school PA systems.  He also is a great soundman and has run sound for several local and touring bands.
Whitney Gifford
Whitney is a graduate of The Jewelry Training Center in Colorado Springs, she is GIA certified and is eager to help you in our jewelry department! She loves to help shop for jewelry and she does our repairs!
Jose Aldanna
Jose may be the friendliest person to ever work at KK's! He loves helping people in any department!
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Russell Lester
Russell joined our team in 2016. He is very knowledgeable about computers, so come in and get his help with purchasing your new laptop!
McMinnville Staff
Zakk Huddleston
The grandson of the founder of KK's, Zakk has grown-up in the pawnshop.  Recently graduated from Tennessee Tech, he looks forward to putting his unique experience and knowledge into action!
Branden Wiles
Asst. Manager
Branden has been a member of the team since May 2017, and he's a long time shopper and lover of pawnshops. He especially likes video games and technology.
Michael Myers
Meet the newest member of our team! While originally from Grundy Co, Michael's last stop was Alaska working in a music and gold mining supply store. You can bet he has some interesting stories!
He can repair your guitar too.
Matthew Overman

Matthew is the newest member of our team! He is an accomplished guitar player, a computer whiz, a gamer, and just a really nice guy. You can usually find him on the pawn side of the store, ready to help you.